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Cartea este în limba engleză și e scrisă de Warren Kennaugh, specialist în teorie comportamentală. Iată capitolul:

Talent is not  the answer

Over the last few decades we have become increasingly obsessed with high performance, in the sporting arena and in business. We’ve needed to be, because competition is fierce. In business customers are much more discerning; in sport there is considerably more money involved. As a result it’s become necessary to squeeze every last drop of value from every resource and to find a way to elevate performance across the board. Not only is breakthrough development harder and harder to come by but the information, knowledge and insights around those breakthroughs are also becoming harder and harder to protect. We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, and this drive for elevated performance is not going to subside. If anything, it will accelerate.

The problem is that, so far, all the solutions put forward to address performance have focused on what someone does. When it comes to securing high performance, conventional wisdom tells us that talent is the answer.

Our collective obsession with talent was largely started by McKinsey & Company. Of course, when one of the most prestigious management consulting firms in the world talks, people listen. During the dotcom boom of the 1990s McKinsey launched an initiative called the War for Talent. The objective was to find out what made top-performing American companies different when it came to hiring, firing and promotion. They distributed thousands of questionnaires to businesses across the US and 18 companies were singled out.

McKinsey interviewed leaders in those companies, from the CEO down, and concluded that the very best companies had leaders who were obsessed with talent. They focused on attracting and recruiting star performers, often with disproportionate reward, and constantly pushed them into more and more senior roles.

McKinsey is a highly respected organisation and the argument is plausible. As a result, talent was positioned as the key to long-term success and high performance. Today companies like AT&T, Pfizer and Deloitte all have a Chief Talent Officer on the payroll. IT giant Cisco has created a talent centre in India to achieve a sixfold increase in recruitment of Indian engineering talent. Even governments are taking the talent solution seriously. The Chinese, South Korean and Singapore governments have all started nationwide talent strategies to ensure long-term performance and competitiveness.

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