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Despre descoperiri mici sau mari, despre empatie și legăturile invizibile între mediul cultural și mediul de afaceri, într-un titlu foarte interesant: Fish Can’t See Water de Kai Hammerich , Richard D. Lewis.“With case studies from Asia, Europe and the US, the book offers a thorough insight into how even the smallest of cultural traits can affect businesses immensely.’ (GulfBusiness.com)citeste aici

In this chapter we discuss the mechanisms by which values, beliefs and assumptions are embedded in organizations through the behaviour of their leaders and their work practices. Drawing on the work of Ed Schein and Geert Hofstede, we go on to use the Cultural Dynamic Model ® developed by Kai Hammerich, to guide our discussion of how business influencers and national influencers impact the corporate culture in fundamentally different ways: the staid national traits that are slow to change compared with more fluid business traits that can be influenced by management over a shorter time scale. In this chapter our discussion focuses on the business influencers, and in Chapter 2 on the national influencers, using the Lewis model – a triangular representation of national types. In Chapter 4 we bring it all together in the complete Cultural Dynamic Model

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