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This Is Ethics: An Introduction de Jussi Suikkanen face parte dintr-o serie introductivă pe diferite teme din filosofie. Aceste materiale sunt foarte utile pentru cei care doresc să afle conceptele de bază sau doar o recapitulare concisă și corectă a acestora.this-is-ethicsJussi Suikkanen is one of the world s best young moral philosophers, and in this clear and wide–ranging text, he provides an excellent introduction to the philosophical investigation of morality, spanning applied ethics, normative ethics and metaethics. Highly recommended for students and teachers of philosophical ethics.Alexander Miller, University of Otagociteste aici

Even if some people (usually parents and administrators) seem to think so, studying ethics doesn’t necessarily improve the quality of your life or make you a better person. It will, however, give you useful resources for thinking about some of the most important things in life more clearly. If you get your head around these tools and apply them in real life, this can make a real difference to how you will live. Philosophical tools can help you to make important decisions in life and even sometimes to become a better person. In this sense, ethics isn ’ t just an abstract and theoretical academic discipline. It isn ’ t just about talking a lot about nothing. Th e two main practical questions philosophers have thought about are how you should treat other people and what goals you should have in order to live well yourself. It is easier to begin from the second question, which concerns your own life only. When you think about how to live well, you don ’ t have to take other people into account, at least to begin with. All you need to ask yourself is: how can I make my own life go better? Th is will be the main focus of Part One of this book. Th e second part will then consider what kind of constraints morality sets on you when you pursue your own good. What are the things that it would be wrong to do when you consider not only your own life but also the lives of others?

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