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The Empowered Manager: Positive Political Skills at Work de Peter Block dezvăluie traseul de urmat pentru a dezvolta un sistem coerent de organizare în cadrul echipei. Autorul este considerat cu adevărat vizionar, iar lucrările sale dezbat teme precum: teamwork, comunitate și delegarea sustenabilă a sarcinilor.


“Peter Block is an original and a wise and experienced observer of organizational life. He shares his unique and thoughtful perspective in this enlightening and provocative new edition of his classic, The Empowered Manager. Peter asks us to consider what could be possible if only we rekindled the entrepreneurial spirit and felt safe enough to speak out and take action. In this sense, empowerment becomes the foundation for leadership, and the brightest path to the future is when leadership becomes everyone′s business. The Empowered Manager is at once a deeply philosophical and a highly practical book one that needs to be read and applied by every thinking leader.”
Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, Co–authors, The Leadership Challenge:
How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations
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This book is about empowerment, which is giving people as much control as possible over how their work gets done. One of the forces drawing us toward empowerment for people in the middle and lower levels of organizations is the fact that most large companies, because of technology, automation, and cost pressure, have for decades been reducing the number of employees as fast as they can, often eliminating whole layers of management in their attempt to be more efficient. Plus there has been a relentless growth of outsourcing and virtual jobs. People work at home, long distance, and in multiple time zones. We would think this would work to further disperse the centralization of power. That it would push responsibility downward and result in a direct assault on the bureaucratic methods and the patriarchal mind-set that characterize life in most organizations

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