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Capitolul de azi prezintă câteva aspecte foarte interesante despre managementul generațiilor din cartea Clash of the Generations: Managing the New Workplace Reality de Valerie Grubb. Un titlu important al iernii acesteia, ideile cuprinse sunt foarte actuale și ajută la o mai buna înțelegere a domeniului resurselor umane, dar nu numai.


“Clash of the Generations offers a fresh approach to the management book genre by drawing on both Grubb’s expertise as a manager and business leader and her insights into meeting the needs of all in multigenerational environments. It is a vital resource for any manager striving to succeed in the modern workplace.”
—DAN TAITZ, chief operating officer of Penthera Partners, former chief administrative officer and general counsel at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

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Clinging to the past is the problem. Embracing change is the solution. —Gloria Steinem, Moving Beyond Words

Since the first major round of corporate downsizing in the 1980s, the longtime traditional employment trajectory has been in flux. Gone are the days when people entered the workforce as young adults, worked until their mid-50s or so, and then sailed off into retirement while younger generations took their place. Instead, the average retirement age has steadily been creeping up in recent decades as older employees—in particular, the Baby Boomers—stay in the workforce either by choice or by necessity. Medical and technological advances mean we’re living much longer than previous generations. But the financial instability caused by the 2008 recession has taken a massive toll on retirement plans, requiring many older employees to remain in the workforce longer. Boomers aren’t continuing to work only because they have to, though: many of them continue to work because they want to, thanks in part to the growing availability of office jobs that people can continue to do regardless of age. In addition, many Boomers just enjoy the camaraderie and social connectivity of the workplace. And Boomers often have a lot of pride in their career— a sentiment that can make them inclined to stay in the workplace longer.2 In recent years, though, a new generation has become the largest group in the labor market: the Millennials. In early 2015, a Pew Research Center study found that for the first time the workplace included more Millennials (nearly 54 million) than Baby Boomers (nearly 53 million) or members of Generation X (just under 45 million).3 With so many younger employees joining the workforce, one might assume that the median age of US workers was decreasing. Surprisingly, that is not the case.

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