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Chief Customer Officer 2.0 de Jeanne Bliss este o alegere minunată pentru cei care doresc să găsească cheia construirii unui mecanism proactiv care funcționeze pe baza loialității clienților. Pentru aceasta, idei precum “customer-driven: orientat către client” sau “client service” sunt cuvintele cheie în jurul căruia orice manager trebuie să graviteze.“If Jeanne Bliss hadn′t written her first book, I wouldn′t be in the role I have today. Now, ten years later, she continues to provide leading guidance for Chief Customer Officers.”Jeb Dasteel, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Oracleciteste aici

A Chief Customer Officer is successful when he or she can simplify how the organization works together to achieve customer driven growth, engage the leadership team, and connect the work to a return on investment. That’s what everyone wants to know about this role. What does the Chief Customer Officer do, how is the work staged and what is its impact? You’ll find the answers to these questions in this book. What you will also find, which is equally important, is how to unite the leadership team and organization to ‘earn the right’ to growth by making decisions and orienting business operations to improve customers’ lives. This is the elusive and challenging element of this work that, when neglected, can turn it into a program or project rather than a transformation. Sustainable change will occur only when this work goes beyond project plans and status updates and is grounded in caring about customers’ lives. It’s the path to growth the five competencies outlined in this book provides

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