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How To Change Your Life: Who am I and what should I do with my life? este propunerea noastră pentru lectura care precede weekendul pentru că oferă timp de gândire pentru aceste întrebări care merită răgaz pentru meditație. Benjamin Bonetti este recunoscut pentru tehnicile alternative pe care le folosește.how-to-change-your-lifeciteste aici

I f you want to change and have decided that enough is enough, then start with massive action today. A definition of massive action: Taking, not thinking about, but taking a focused step towards achieving your ultimate goal . . .and following it with another . . . Massive action  = focused action, taken one step at a time. One thing I decided early on is that we can either change or not: we can continually face obstacles and do nothing about them or we can learn ways to avoid them. Although I am unsure exactly when or where this decision was made, I know that making it has been one of the most influential conscious How to Change Your Life 10 thinking patterns in my life, and possibly the reason for my success thus far. How many times have you heard the phrases, “I can ’ t change,” or “I don ’ t know where to start,” or “It ’ s too hard”? These are incantations we hear every day, all around us, and it begs the question; why do we resist change? Why is it that we resist change and put up with daily difficulties, struggles, and unrest instead: why is it that we put up with these things rather than making changes to create a happier, healthier life? The answer is quite simple; change is misconceived to be difficult. Change is not difficult. All it takes is an understanding of why you are resisting change and, armed with that understanding, you will be able to change your thinking within a split second, without any conscious thought; and changing your thinking is all it takes to change your world.

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