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The Start, the Science and Seven Stories of Success . . .

Build Your Business


The Start, the Science and Seven Stories of Success . . .


It was a B-I-G step when I started out in business on my own in January 2003. No one in my family had ever been an entrepreneur. We were police officers, carpenters, Methodist ministers or dinner ladies.

I was 36 when I launched my company. For 20 years prior to that I’d forged what could be described as a successful corporate career – firstly with Barclays, then with John Caudwell at Phones4U and finally at CPP in York.

I’ll never forget my first morning as an entrepreneur. My wife Sue had taken our three children off to school and I had commuted the 15 stairs to the back bedroom – home of my new empire.With the house completely silent, the first thought that struck me was, ‘What have I done?’

You see, we had a nice life. Nice cars, nice house, nice holidays. I’d earned a big six-figure salary with chunky bonuses – and I was putting it all on the line to pursue the ‘dream’ of building my own consultancy business. The responsibility weighed heavily on my shoulders that day – as it still does today – but it fired within me a determination to succeed. I wanted to prove to all the doubters who thought I was crazy to walk away from a ‘safe secure job’ that I could do this. To build something special. Something meaningful. Something big. To make a real difference in the world. I was aiming high.

Sue and I had a plan. Well, more of a target – with a deadline. We made a deal that I had to earn £100,000 for us (i.e. profit) in my first year in order to keep the business. If I succeeded, I’d carry on. If I failed, I’d get a job whilst I was still employable. I was blissfully ignorant of what it would take to earn £100k profit – which was undoubtedly a good thing.

So, we remortgaged our house (something relatively easy to do back then) and freed up some capital that we could live off for a few months whilst I built our fortune. And I got off to a pretty good start.

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