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Urcăm câteva trepte în pas vioi alături de Breakpoints: How to Shift Your Business to the Next Level de Mike Ashby, un ghid foarte interesant despre cum se poate trece un proiect sau o afacere la nivelul următor.breakpointsBreakpoints is a truly excellent business book. It offers a very refreshing perspective, and its messages are elegantly simple, highly inspiring, and totally effective. Mike writes that he really enjoyed writing this book. And in return, it was certainly a pleasurable and valuable read.Shelley Cave, Cultivate NZ | Stories about Foodciteste aici

Over the last 10 years we’ve helped hundreds of business owners grow their businesses and improve their lifestyles. They’ve come from every sector, age group and qualification set. They’ve had good businesses in tough sectors, average businesses, well-established businesses at the very peak of their sector—you get the idea. And despite the diversity, we always find that every one of them is making at least one of the common mistakes. The art of coaching is to remove the obstacles to great performance, providing detached advice that allows a performer to correct their technique. Our clients know much more about their businesses than we ever will; but we know more about a wider range of businesses than they ever will. When we’re sitting with a business owner, there’s only one expert on their business in the room.

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Amandina Books ExpressComandă Breakpoints: How to Shift Your Business to the Next Level, prin Books Express, librarul tău personal. Prețul recomandat de editura Wiley este de 15,99 GBP.Căuți o anumită carte greu de găsit, folosește funcția de căutare sau contactează-ne direct la Books Express.Clic aici dacă vrei să vezi toate cărțile din secțiunea #uncapitolpeziVezi mai multe cărți din categoria BusinessCartea a fost publicată la editura Wiley. Vezi și cele mai vândute cărți de business din ultimele 3 luni.займ онлайн rusbankinfo.ru

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