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 Brainhack: Tips and Tricks to Unleash Your Brain′s Full Potential de Neil Pavitt este titlul pe care îl propunem spre lectură astăzi, pentru a te ajuta să găsești cele mai bune tehncii pentru a folosi eficient ceasornicarul extraordinar- mintea umană.brainhack“The user′s guide your brain never came with.”Ian Gilbert, Founder of Independent Thinkingciteste aici

Before you read this, I want you to leaf through your work diary. Is there anything inspiring in there? Were you impressed by how much you’ve achieved? I know when I look through old work diaries, all I find are lists of meetings and to-do lists. Even on your phone or laptop, there are endless productivity apps enticing you in to make to-do lists in new and different ways. The trouble with to-do lists, is I don’t think they make us any more productive. I don’t think they excite and stimulate our minds to want to get things done. Usually we don’t finish them anyway, which immediately has a negative effect. Now I’m not saying we should do away with to-do lists. We all need reminders of what we’ve got to do. What I’m saying is, they serve a useful purpose of reminding us of things we need to do, but they’re not actually going to make us more productive. What you need is a done list. Seeing what you’ve actually achieved will spur you on. Of course, you may look back and think how little you have achieved, but hopefully this will also spur you on even more.

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