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Body Language: Learn how to read others and communicate with confidence de Elizabeth Kuhnke este un titlu foarte interesant despre cum poate fi citit limbajul corporal și cum îți poate influența acesta identitatea și brandul personal.bodylanguage“The subtitle to this excellent book is ′learn how to read others and communicate with confidence′, which perfectly sums it all up.”  (PQ Magazine, August 2016)citeste aici

Feeling hot, engaged, and passionate? Feeling low, aloof, and cool? You don’t need to answer that question. Your body says it all. Standing proud and strutting your stuff indicates that you’re ready and raring to go, while slumping your shoulders and shuffling your feet shows that you’re carrying a heavy load. Hanging out on the sidelines with your arms crossed, a frown on your face, and your head burrowed into your chest suggests you’re suspiciously watchful; meanwhile, engaging with a group of people, using open gestures and animated expressions, implies that you’re prepared to party. The Inner and Outer Connection What you might find interesting about non-verbal behaviour – and body language in particular – is the relationship between values, beliefs, attitudes – and gestures, facial expressions, posture. For example: If openness is important to someone, you can expect to see that value reflected in free, approachable, and receptive movements and facial expressions. If they value privacy, their body language is more closed and contained. If you hold the belief that you’re unworthy, insignificant, and somehow “lacking”, you might overcompensate by being loud, brash, and seeking attention; or withdraw, physically cave in on yourself, and avoid engaging with others.

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