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Relația între branduri, media și oameni se transformă în fiecare zi așa cum este explicat în Beyond Advertising: Creating Value Through All Customer Touchpoints, de Yoram (Jerry) Wind , Catharine Findiesen Hays, titlul ales pentru capitolul pe care îl vom parcurge împreună astăzi. Această carte îți oferă un ghid de urmat pentru adaptarea afacerii tale în mediul în continua schimbare.


Studiile de caz te pot ajuta să găsești sfaturi foarte bune precum:

  • Organizează și alocă resurse în funcție de nevoi, fără a uita de fiecare parte implicată;
  • Redefinește așteptările pentru a se alinia cu mediul în care operezi;
  • Oferă fiecărui stakeholder atenția cuvenită folosind standardul de conținut R.A.V.E.S.: relevant, actionable, valuable, exceptional și shareworthy.

This Chapter Is about Inspiring You to Go Beyond Advertising. Why? When we asked our Advertising 2020 contributors about what the future could and should hold—what was both necessary and possible—they scanned the horizon from their respective vantage points across disciplines and around the world and brought into focus an unprecedented convergence and interaction of extremely fast-moving trends, highly disruptive insights, and rapidly emerging capabilities that we will experience just a few years hence. A world that is becoming a reality in our daily lives, now. As John M. Baker, CMO of Mirum Agency, notes, “The challenge with predicting the future is something science fiction writers talk about all of the time. Aside from the difficulty of getting it right, the hard part is balancing the consistency of human experience with the pace of change in technology” (2012). By asking what could and should advertising look like, we privileged aspiration over accuracy. By asking experts immersed in many different industries, we gathered together the  6 viewpoints best suited to balance experience and change. The result: points of view that brought to life dramatic worldwide transformations that have occurred in recent years, impacting everything we once thought we knew about how enterprises communicate and connect with the customers they desire. Initially identified as game-changers for the world of marketing and advertising, these forces are rapidly and irrevocably reverberating across all roles in the executive ranks—especially as they are being redefined and realigned— and throughout their organizations, challenging entrenched assumptions, mindsets, and methodologies.

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