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Analogous and Digital este una din lucrările importante din opera lui Wilhelm Vossenkuhl  care dezbate perechea analog-digital ca mediu de exprimare. Ancorată în tezele marilor gânditori precum: Ockham, Kant sau Wittgenstein, introducerea acestei lucrări deshide perspectiva filosofiei designului cu toate premizele și revendicările sale.analogous-and-digital“If Aicher prefers the analogous and concrete to the digital and abstract he does it with a philosophicalintention. He relativizes the role of pure reason. He criticizes the rationality of Modernism as a result ofthe dominance of purely abstract thinking. Anyone who prefers the abstract to the concrete does not only misunderstand the mutual dependence of concept and view. In Aicher s judgement he is also creating a false hierarchy, a rank order that is culturally fatal. Things that are digital and abstract are not greater, higher and more important than things that are analogous and concrete.”Wilhelm Vossenkuhlciteste aici

Authenticity and a questionable analogy “How is it”, asks Edward Young, “that we are born as originals and die as copies?” The 18th-century English poet is concerned that as individuals in society we lose our distinctive qualities. We conform to other people, the taste of the times, but also to law and political order. Ultimately we do not know who we are and what makes us different from all the rest. This concern about our authenticity has not got any less today. Authenticity is one of the great themes of Modernism. Young’s contemporary Rousseau believes that it is only meaningful for us to exist in “unity of life with itself”, in unity with nature. He suggests a new legal system to rescue authenticity, intended to create a community of life instead of abstract legal conditions.

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