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Un ghid practic și inteligent pentru afaceri “rocket-powered”, Aligned to Achieve, pune departamentele de marketing și vânzări pe aceeași pagină, pentru a obține un “dream team” puternic și convingător. Explicații simple și bazate pe exemple diverse, studii de caz și sfaturi te pot ghida spre rezultate rapide și tangibile pe care aceste schimbări, o dată implementate, le vor aduce în proiectele tale.aligned“Written by two of the brightest sales and marketing leaders in b–to–b, Aligned to Achieve covers proven strategy and pragmatic tactics together in an easy–to–read format. Highly recommended for all revenue generators who want to increase the effectiveness and ROI of their efforts moving forward.”Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketingciteste aici

What are the topics of conversation around your office? That most likely depends on whom you talk to. From sales reps, you probably hear complaints about low quality leads or those that take too much nurturing to move through the sales funnel. They likely also complain that the marketing department’s content does not work or is not granular enough for the specific targets, situations, or markets the sales team encounters. For example, maybe your sales reps come back from an event griping that a competitor’s booth was larger, had more of a crowd, or looked better. Maybe they argue that the organization’s marketing message isn’t differentiated or compelling enough for them to turn opportunities into action, or that marketing is simply out of touch with the customer’s needs. Your sales reps might even wonder out loud why the organization is focused on one market instead of targeting the obvious opportunity in another market.

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