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Digital sense de Travis Wright , Chris J. Snook oferă o structură pragmatică de construire și personalizare a unui sistem complet adaptat celor mai diverse proiecte, completată de sfaturi care pot fi urmate pas-cu-pas pentru optimizarea acestuia.digitalsensetemplate“This book is a requirement for leaders who, like me, believe that building companies that put their people and their customers in the center of every decision and strategy is the only way to go.”Peter Shankman, author of Nice Companies Finish First and founder of Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and the Shankminds Entrepreneurial Communityciteste aici

Every second of every day the rate of change is accelerating and we all fall further behind. Welcome to your new reality. You will realize this reality slowly at first and then suddenly in the coming years. As an executive, a marketer, and/or a founder/entrepreneur, you are no longer dealing with the convenience of saying outwardly that the customer is always right while staying with legacy processes and metrics internally as you march toward your next quarterly earnings call or round of funding. We now live in a world where the customer is always right and enabled by technology, platforms, and channels to provide unparalleled support for the brands they love in any given moment and to enact massive justice/ vengeance in real time on the brands that violate their trust or abuse/take for granted their attention. We are already four compounding—exponential—years from the dates in Travis’s personal Save Our Chiefs story and two years from the Optus story, and we have just watched the most interesting/disruptive political race in the history of the United States unfold. We are in the crosshairs of a dying traditional media universe and the rise of the earned media era, where every individual is both empowered and feeling helplessly lost by the digital power and complexity at their fingertips. Time moves fast in the digital world.

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