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The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses for Your Small Business de Dee Blick este un ghid practic și direct de marketing, parte a provocării #1CapitolPeZi ce surprinde prin ideile mari ce pot fi aplicate inclusiv de afaceri mici.the-15-essential-marketing-masterclasses-for-your-small-businessFrom tightening up your tweeting to making cold calls a warmer experience for your customer, Masterclasses certainly ticks all the necessary boxes.(Elite Business)citeste aici

It is understandable that small business owners do not automatically think of creating a marketing plan when they are in the early stages of establishing their business. A marketing plan suggests the need to become bogged down in theory at a time when the business owner wants to concentrate on the practicalities of generating sales. And then there is the concern of how much it will cost to create a marketing plan and whether it will require the expertise of a marketing consultant. It ’ s little wonder that so many small business owners steer clear of marketing planning and choose instead to dive straight into action and employ marketing The Perfect Practical Marketing Plan 7 tactics that are often unplanned, inconsistent, irrelevant and, as a consequence, ineffective. Your marketing plan is your marketing satellite navigation system, guiding your business towards success in the most efficient way possible.

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