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Lumea Mare, mai precis Roxana a pus la cale un concurs la ei acasă, în care premiile constau în cărți cu tematică de călătorie la alegere:)  Concurenții au răspuns la întrebarea De ce călătorești sau Why do you travel, folosind un titlu de carte din librăria Books Express.Sunt trei câștigători desemnați de două doamne talentate și aplecate către lumea mare a cărților. Le mulțumim mult!Doamnelor și domnilor, juriul:CristinaCristina Bazavan, jurnalist, redactor șef Tabu. În descrierea ei de pe Facebook mai scrie “daca nu simti, n-are niciun rost”  sarah kane, purificareAndreeaToma cu scufiță, ‘pe net doar blogger :D’Iar răspunsurile câștigătoare sunt:by Nina

A man named Dave told me once to travel a lot is to know a lot. Because he was a very smart guy who had seen many countries and beautiful places in his life, I belived his word.I sincerely believe that, apart from the relaxation that traveling is giving you, the energy you get and the opportunities you meet, the traveling can make you smarter.It is, if you like, practising knowledge. No matter how much theory you know, with no practice you learn nothing.

by Miscellaneous

My belief is that seeing the wonders of the world helps one perceive it better, in a more profound way.Alas, i did not experience much of this blessed land UNDER THE SUN, hence my willing to travel not only belongs to my seafaring soul, but to a deeply desire that will burn untill i touch, smell and taste all that my heart longed for. Did I mention the sweet italian, the seductive spanish, the exotic portuguese, the cold, still beautiful english, mythological greek, whispering arabic, glamorous and loveable french,harsh russian, mystical indian and the more i think of them, the more i would like to embrace them all ? Did you ever see the Yosemite’s Golden Waterfall, or the rain over a Japanese garden, a rainbow above Sidney, ride a horse in Mongolia, swim with the dolphins, meet a koala bear ? They are all together, architecture, history, mixed with unique parts of nature and diverse people. Undoubtedly, they were wrong to describe Heaven as a place apart Earth. We make our Heaven here, since we know no other places. It is a journey all of us should make, a step everyone should take, beyond our life, further than anyone has dreamed to discover. This the reason for i truly think he who has traveled a lot, has also learned the lesson of his life.

by Laura

Wow, I’ve been sitting here for at least half an hour trying to figure out how to start this. Since words are eluding me at the moment, I’m going to do an interpretive dance instead. Just kidding. So… here goes, I’m going to tell you all why I like to travel and it’s not a reason, but more of a experience called Faithweek, 4 years ago.Faithweek is for our university 7 days spent relying on nothing but God’s grace for food, shelter and transportation. Hence why we call it Faithweek! We all got split up in groups of 3 and we set about to travel around the South Island of New Zealand with nothing but 20$ per person and a lot of faith. As a rule, we couldn’t bring any extra money, food, tents, credit cards or any similar plan B type of resources.How can I best sum it up?! Each morning I wondered if I’d sleep under a tree somewhere that night, and if I’d be eating anything that day, but God had it all figured out, long before we did.So… how was it, I’m sure many of you are wondering?! Did I starve most days and sleep outside in the cold and rain?! Well… God had different plans. I think “amazing” would be the best way to describe the whole experience. Hitch-hiking was new for me – in fact none of us had ever done it before (for safety there was one guy in every group). Luckily no questionable individuals ever picked us up – no axe murderers or anything remotely like that.It would take an eternity if I were to sit here and try to describe every little detail, but I will share a couple of stories, just to give you an idea of what our experience was like. We left our school at about 10am on a Saturday. We decided to head south – towards Wanaka and Queenstown – which are in the southern part of New Zealand’s South Island.The very first day we set out hitch-hiking, after spending a couple of hours getting different rides, a man picked us up and drove us to a town that was about an hour out of his way, bought us cokes, then put us in a bed and breakfast for the night – which he paid for! We were so incredulous we didn’t know what to do…The room was 60$ but he told the owner to give it to us for 50$, and give us the extra 10$! The couple that owned The Stand were SO sweet, they offered us some dinner, and then they gave us a really nice breakfast the next day! They too were so surprised when they realized that a total stranger just offered a comfy place to stay to a bunch of kids! The man, whose name was Michael drove away before we could even thank him properly.So that was the first day – a promising way to start the week I must say. The following day we were headed to Wanaka, but were only able to get a ride to a small town called Twizel. The boy that drove us took off as soon as he drooped us off in the middle of town. It was about 7 pm, and all we could see was this little church which we really didn’t expect to be open. We figured we’d give it a try anyway, and alas, it was. We later found out that it usually isn’t open on Sunday nights, of course. And so we walked in to this room, where – surprisingly enough, 9 people were sitting around a dinner table and were just getting ready to eat. We hadn’t eaten since lunch, so by that time we were pretty hungry. So we tell them our story, and they all start laughing, because they said they’d catered for 12 people, but 3 didn’t show up! It was SO cool… I mean, Got must have been smiling… One of the ladies at the stand took us to her house for the night, and were able to share a really wonderful evening with her.The following day we actually made it to Wanaka. We got there sometime in the afternoon, just as it was starting to rain. We were pretty tired, and we had no idea where to go in that town. Our idea was to ask around at hostels if we could work for them in exchange for a place to stay. Well we tried a couple of hostels, but then it Really started to pour and Rebecca (my team mates names were Rebecca and Justin) and I were for some reason really exhausted. So once again we come to a church & wander in. There was no one inside, so we figured we’d camp out there for a while. Becca and I actually took a nap on the floor. But a little while later, a lady came by to drop something off at the pastor’s office and found us huddled in the foyer of the church. So we asked if it would be okay for us to stay there or if she had any ideas as to what we should do. She told us that the pastor wouldn’t be too keen on us spending the night in there, and no one could take us in on such short notice. So we bid her farewell and set out in search of some other place – it was raining hard by this time. After about 5 minutes we see this car pull up beside us and that same lady (her name was Tracy) jumped out to tell us that she’d made some phone calls and fundraised 100$ to put us in a lodge for the night! I was simply speechless! We totally didn’t expect to see or hear from her again, and here she was, offering us a night in a Lodge! The room was only 75$, so we got to spend the 25$ extra on food.Should I go on? I’m afraid this is going to drag on if I keep going on. I guess I can try my hardest to summarize and condense everything down. Let’s see…… Our next stop was in Queenstown. Everything is very costly in Queenstown few if ANY people venture there with little money. I’m sure only crazy yawners go there literally with NO money. Well, once more we found ourselves sitting in front of a church and this time we felt that we should just walk in and if we found anyone we would offer to serve them – in some way, anyway really. After all, that was the main theme to our Faithweek, not just watch God provide for us, but serve people along the way. So we found the vicar or minister of that church and simply offered to serve the community – we didn’t even tell him our story. We just asked: Hey, is there any way we can serve you? What he said was… Yeah, sure… I have an idea, you can serve me by eating some pancakes! Turns out, it was Fat Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday, when Lent starts) and the parish was having a massive pancake picnic thing (this was an episcopalian church I do believe). So he invited us along and we spent the rest of the evening eating an abundance of yummy treats and simply divine pancakes, with real maple syrup and bananas, and cinnamon sugar and cream. Ah! I’ve never had such yumminess in my life.Okay, one last story… this was on Thursday… by this time we were heading east towards the coast, on the return leg of our trip. We were trying to get to this town called Dunedin, which is a bigger town, right on the coast. By 7 that evening we still hadn’t made it to our destination – we kept getting rides, but no one was going all the way. At about 7:30 this guy drops us off in front of this dubious-looking bar in the middle of nowhere. The rain just started pouring so we decided to walk inside and try our luck there. So we walk in looking all wet and woebegone – to find a bunch of farmers sitting around the bar drinking their beers and having a jolly old time. We must’ve sounded mad as we tried to explain to them our situation. They pretty much couldn’t believe that someone would set out around the country with nothing but 20$ for a whole week. It didn’t seem like any of them was at all inclined to help us out. But, after a little while a lady walked in to buy something, and as soon as she got in, the people at the stand said that God has just answered our prayers. She took us to her home for the night, and fed us a fantastic dinner and showed us So much kindness and hospitality. Her place wasn’t the biggest, and the house desperately needed some cleaning, which we were happy to help with a little, but she had the hugest heart! Anyway, to make a long story short, we’ve been blessed yet again.I really could go on for hours, but I think this gives you an idea of the journey I had. It really was an adventure, and I have to say, God is so awesome, and so faithful! All I ever did was trust Him for the smallest things, and He blew me away. Unity in our group was very important, every decision we had to make together, and that wasn’t always easy, but we choose to work together, even when we didn’t exactly feel like it.So there, that is why and how I fell in love with traveling. Because of all the stories you get out of it, all the experiences, not all sweet flavored, but all amazing. And this is the way we should live, gathering stories from all around.Thank you for your patience in reading this, hope you enjoyed it at least a little.

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