Beautiful Lips

How to get beautiful lips in 5 minutesBeautiful lips are starting from the healthy lips. There are four treatment should you do for your lips healthy and beautiful naturally.Here are 4 steps to get beautiful and healthy lips:1. Lips Scrub :-The natural process of sloughing off dead skin and some factors such as dehydration causes dry and chapped lips. Like the face, lips also need a scrub to remove dead skin rest.Because the lips are more sensitive area, then choose the scrub that is devoted to the lips. Usually the lip scrub product shaped like a lipstick or cream.2. Use a Moisturizer :-After a lip scrub treatment, to keep moisture from lips, use a moisturizer to keep the lips are not dry and cracked due to exposure to sunlight or the effects of spending long hours in air-conditioned room. You can choose the anti-UV lip moisturizer for extra protection.3. Use Lip Liner :-Before using the lipstick, you should use a lip pencil to reinforce the shape of your lips. Choose a lip pencil the same color with the color of lipstick that you wear. Forget the concept of equivalent lip pencil color is darker than the lipstick color, It will make your lips look unnatural.4. Use Brush :-Instead of busy justifying lipstick that comes out of the lip line, it’s better to save time with the help polish lipstick with a lipstick brush. That way, you can set the thick and thin lipstick as you like. Select a soft brush and do not easily fall out. Do not let anyone find a coat of lipstick brush sticks to your lips.займ онлайн

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