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Neal Schaffer va fi la București pe 28 mai la evenimentul de Social Media al anului 2015, care se apropie cu pași repezi.Am obținut din amabilitatea celor de la Digital Exprerts Hub, organizatorii acestui eveniment, transcrirerea webinarului lui Schaffer. Vi-l prezentăm episodic în zilele ce urmează, în pregătirea sosiri distinsului vorbitor. Mulțumim 🙂 

Maximize you social for professionals and businesses

– Live Webinar with Neal Schaffer –

 Organizer:  Maria Borteanu (Digital Experts Hub)Guest Panelist: Neal Schaffer (Maximize Your Social) Maria:  Welcome and thank you for registering to “Maximize you social for professionals and businesses” webinar!The webinar today consists of 2 parts. Within the first part, our guest panelist, Neal Schaffer, will deliver interesting insights on how to leverage the many advantages which SM brings to professionals and businesses. The second part will be a session of questions from you, to which Neal Schaffer will answer.I would like to say a few words about Neal. Neal Schaffer is a well known SM influencer; author, professor and CEO of the consulting company Maximize Your Social. Let’s hear from you Neal! Neal:      Thank you very much Maria and good morning/ good afternoon for you in Europe! This is Neal Schaffer, I’m actually in New York City right now, where the sun is just coming up; I hope your day is off to a great start!Thank you for taking the time to join this webinar, I know that some of you are located in Romania, some of you are in other European countries, but wherever you are, welcome!This is going to be a preview of what I am going to be presenting in Bucharest, May 28th. Maria and her business partner Clementina actually reached out to me several months ago and said to me: we want to bring world class SM education to Romania. We want to be the leaders in educating businesses and professionals on how best to use SM. So that is really why, through their ideas, we have now made this happen, and we are just two and a half months away. Today is really a preview of what I’ll be presenting on during that day. The mission is not only a preview to give you a feel as to what content I’ll be presenting during the event, but also an opportunity to introduce who I am, my style presenting content, and using this time to answer your SM questions. We’re going to have 30 minutes at the end of the presentation that I can go through any questions that you have.I show this to you even though it’s a webinar, but if we were in person, and when I’ll present in Bucharest: I’m very passionate about the education. I wanna make sure if you’re investing time or money, that you get your ROI. So when I present I will allow you to ask questions at any time, by raising your hand. …I wanted to add on to the introduction as to who I am and the perspective that I bring. I’m American and I started my career in Asia, I speak fluent Japanese and Chinese, and it’s really the experience of selling into those markets, into B2B markets, representing companies, selling semi-conductors or embedded software, or network software into Fortune 500 companies, which gave me a lot of great experience, to do business holistically. This is very very important to many people; SM is like a foreign country, right? And Facebook, and Twitter and LinkedIn it’s almost like Korea, China and Japan – very very distinct countries, different cultures, different ways of doing business, different ways of communicating, and I think SM is very similar. So it’s with that professional experience, where I launched sales organizations from scratch, that’s given me some, I believe, unique insight into SM. I began my company in January 2010, just had my 5 years anniversary, and I have focused for 5 years on what I believe businesses and professionals need most when it comes to SM: they first of all need a strategy. You need a reason to be doing it, and you need to be measuring and calculating your ROI, but you also need education. And it’s the strategy and the education which is what I’ve been doing for 5 years now and I’m very passionate about. Dacă nu v-ați înscris la eveniment sau doriți  exemplar al cărții sale aveți aici mai multe detalii.Am aflat că Neal va da autografe pe cartea scrisă de el tuturor celor care doresc. Așa că rezervați un exemplar acum! займ онлайн rusbankinfo.ru

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