We need better marketeers…

Recently had a chat with Paul Garrison, former dean of CEU business school, former director of marketing for Coca Cola in CEE. A couple of golden nuggets about our conversation:We need better marketers because:* marketers typically focus on product features rather than customer benefits* too often we engage in cost cutting to ‘make the numbers* the rest of the company looks at marketing as a ‘function’ and not as the primary driver of top-line growth* marketers must start farming and stop ignoring existing customers for the sake of market share* Think in terms of P-to-P instead of B-to-B – that is Person to Person as at the end of the day it’s a person who buys your productand my favourite quote from Paul:” In a performance driven organization everyone understands and embraces the concept thatзайм онлайн rusbankinfo.ru

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