Sam Watkins & David O’Connell
 Creature is one of the most energetic, mischievous, and loveable characters you’ll ever meet. 
 Jake’s class have the best teacher in the whole world, Mr Hyde. There’s just one teeny, tiny, HUGE problem… Mr Hyde transforms into a naughty creature whenever he becomes upset! Unlike most kids Jake’s class are desperate to keep their teacher, so they will have to use all their ingenuity to hide the creature and stop the secret from getting out! 

  • ·        A book where all the pupils are supporting their teacher for once!
  • ·        Contains themes about friendship and learning to work together!
  • ·        Highly illustrated with energetic artwork from David O’Connell
  • ·        Great for ages 7-9
     9780192742650 | 192 Pages | £5.99

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